Hi, I'm Devonée,
operations enthusiast and documentation specialist here to help you! 

I have 10+ years of experience in my field and take my craft very seriously. When you work with me you’re no longer a client, you’re family! My passion is setting small businesses up for success. I love the growth process, and I take pride in my fine-tuned ability to catapult a brand towards their goals. 


Working with ProSavvy you’ll find I’m someone who wants you to win as badly as, you, want you to win. My purpose is gifting you; peace and relief from the stress of handling administrative tasks, confidence in the direction you're taking your business, and time to focus on growth and setting exciting new business goals.   

So Let's get to work! 

Administrative Support

Providing ease from day to day tasks like calendar management or travel arrangements. 

Social Media Management

Building social media content to drive customer footprint and increase your sales goals. 

Business Strategic Planning

Building and planning for the future of your business.


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