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Here at ProSavvy, we work hard to provide bold entrepreneurs with a big visions the strategies and plans of action that they need in order to find complete success in their professional ventures. ProSavvy is a Strategic Performance Agency that believes every business needs a different strategy for reaching their goals. Because of this belief, we are dedicated to providing our clients with tailored structures to reach maximum levels of performance. Working with ProSavvy means working with a team that wants you to win just as much as you do. We want to give you peace, relief, and confidence in the direction that you are taking your business. You need time to focus on the growth and exciting new opportunities that come from your own business goals; with ProSavvy, that’s exactly what you receive.

everythinG you want can be achieved

Do you consider yourself to be a visionary?

So do I!

ProSavvy is a strategic performance agency that was designed to bring out the absolute best in your brand. 

We work with bold entrepreneurs to turn your big visions and ultimate goals into realities.

My name is Devonée Thaxton, and it’s my job to implement a tailored structure behind all of your plans. When you work with me, you are no longer a client—you’re family! My passion is setting small businesses up for success. I am deeply involved with the growth process, and I take pride in my fine-tuned ability to catapult a brand towards their goals. Let’s schedule a time to discuss your vision; the first 30 minutes are on me! 


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