4 Ways Covid-19 Changed Social Media Forever - The New Social Media

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4 Ways Covid-19 Changed Social Media Forever - The New Social Media

Covid 19 And Its Effects Resulting New Social Media Age

It is undeniable that the covid-19 pandemic changed everyone's habits and social media was not unharmed by this new scenario. With social distancing, people started to use the internet and social networks more to keep interacting with friends and family. Consequently, the reflection of this was also an increase in interaction with different brands.

According to Socialbakers' Audience Insights: The 2020 Marketing Guide, 42% of people said their use of social media increased during the pandemic. What was observed in this period by some analysts is a greater search for creativity, connection, and inspiring entertainment in the interactions of consumers with brands.

Useful Content

According to the Audience Insights: The 2020 Marketing Guide, 87% of people said they appreciate brands that strive to provide useful information during this period. In general, the audience doesn’t just want to know what the brand thinks but wants to hear solutions to their daily problems. They are appreciating this new social media age.


Share more on your stories. During the pandemic, video content increased on many platforms, reaching its peak on Facebook (15.8%) and Instagram (14.2%) in April 2020.

Seeing another human's face and their struggles help to bridge the gap this pandemic has created.

Content That Encourages Creativity

In April, TikTok crossed the mark of 2 billion downloads, encouraging the creation of content through contests and competitions. A Lightricks study also showed that, during the lockdown, Americans spent 90% more time using apps to create and edit images than in the pre-pandemic period.

What we notice is that betting on content that stimulates creativity and healthy challenges, in addition to generating engagement in the brand's social networks, adds a little fun to the routine of those who are tired of the negative news about covid-19. Use the new social media age to mix things up a bit.

Light Content

With so many heavy news bites about the pandemic, comforting content, that makes people feel connected and not alone in their anguish, also has had a good impact. The Lightricks study showed that almost half of content creators produced more inspiring and colorful content than before the pandemic. Meaning, there is a desire to generate good feelings and good news.

Organic content has also increased in some periods of the pandemic, as they are seen as more authentic and reliable at this time.

Community Help

Companies like Ambev, Ferrari, and Bugatti have been promoting donations and voluntary actions in this period, which generated great engagement in social networks. This type of content also develops a sense of community and belonging, as well as inspires users.

Covid-19 has changed us and the way we interact with social media forever and your networks should reflect that. We are still a community, even it's moved into more of a virtual setting. Connection is imperative at this time and social media provides an avenue for us all.

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