Changes Coming To Social Media In November 2020 - Facebook

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Changes Coming To Social Media In November 2020 - Facebook

Social media is a significant factor in our lives. We use them today for social purposes, such as connecting to people and connecting to business, clients, and different groups. When it comes to social media, one thing is sure; they are continually changing and evolving. Since social media are constantly changing, the same thing should be applied to our strategies.

If you are working with social media or exploring ways to grow through social media, we listed some of the changes in the Facebook platform during November.

Firstly, with Christmas now only 65 days away, Facebook has announced some new ad tools to help retailers make the most of the season and finish out 2020 in the strongest possible way. The main update is the ability to create Instagram ads with product tags within Ads Manager, essentially enabling you to add Instagram's product tags directly to paid promotions.

Secondly, Facebook, in the last days, officially launched cloud gaming for Facebook. This feature enables users on Android and Web to play instantly with no download required. The difference between gaming and social is becoming more challenging to understand.

Thirdly, Facebook created a Content Oversight Board that can hear the cases and decide on different appeals from users on its content. This Board has been praised as a critical element to guarantee Facebook as a better and safer place, improving its enforcement decisions.

Fourth and also important, Facebook launches Facebook Dating in Europe one year after launching it in the US. This feature will allow its users to create dating profiles different from the Facebook profile and maybe find love through Facebook Dating.

Last and also significant are the new improved outlines of Facebook to detect scammers and abnormal activity. If you are thinking of growing your social media engagement unnaturally, don't. You will get caught.

Since we analyzed Facebook's new features, we are also giving a simple panorama on all social media trends in 2021. To be successful and build strong social media, here are five of the trends that may help you for 2021.

1. Digital disinformation will be tackled because only in June 2020, there were 101 million mentions of disinformation.

2. Old school marketing will be the new “new” since 55% of Americans now listen to podcasts.

3. Conversational Marketing will drive sales. The users who connected with their clients through conversational content were more productive

4. Nostalgia Marketing will increase audience since the word nostalgia registered 88 million mentions during the lock-down

5. Remixing brand content with users is on the rise.

Remember the fact that social media is not only about likes and followers but also about strategy. Contact us for a more detailed Facebook strategy session for your business.

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