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Does Your Business Need Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing And Its Vitality

Should you focus on Pinterest Marketing? What do you think about over 400 million people just waiting to buy your product? As of the fourth quarter of 2020, Pinterest had over 450 million active monthly users worldwide. If you don’t already have a business account on this social network, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make a big profit.
Pinterest is a social network where people find inspirational ideas based on their interests and hobbies. Users save (or pin) images that catch their attention. Pins can contain links that lead to websites and blogs, that’s why Pinterest is great for driving traffic and sales if you analyze the metrics properly.
Think Pinterest marketing doesn’t have the same reach as other social media giants? Think again! The platform offers loads of advantages that may be right for your business.

Website And Blog Targeting

Driving traffic to your website or blog is the desired goal in social media advertising. Pinterest does just that with its ability to hyperlink words and images (a feature not possible on Instagram). The hyperlink feature allows users to immediately learn more about that pin and potentially make a purchase.
Pinterest users can save/pin all content that appeals to them which adds an element of longevity compared to other platforms. The life of a pin is usually longer than that of a post or tweet. The user frequently returns to their pins which can generate traffic to your website or blog.

High Chances Of Selling

As a result of the pandemic, online consumer purchases have increased by 40% compared to the same time the year prior. Research shows that 83% of weekly pinners made a purchase based on the content of brands they saw on Pinterest. In other words, Pinterest marketing is a huge field to be explored by companies.

Increased Brand Exposure

A Pinterest survey showed that 77% of weekly users discover new brands and products on the platform. Sounds like a silver platter… a platform that consists of users just waiting to find new brands and ultimately make a purchase! But wait, it gets even better. About 95% of members say this social network inspires them and 72% of pinners use the platform to decide what to buy offline. With these statistics, you can’t afford not to have a Pinterest business account.

Business Tools

Pinterest business accounts are completely FREE and offer a number of useful tools. These tools include reports detailing usage statistics, the capability to create ads, business-optimized pins (advanced pins and statistics for each pin), and access to new resources first-hand.
In addition, the platform provides tools to assist small businesses such as the Product Catalogs (which facilitates the upload of the catalog and turns the product lists into buyable pins) and the Verified Merchant Program (which offers more exposure to the company).
Not utilizing Pinterest as a viable lead generator is akin to dismissing the rise of bitcoin (although Pinterest is a wee more stable). It is time to leverage your digital presence using Pinterest marketing tactics and we’d love to help you. Contact us and let's create a full-proof Pinterest marketing strategy and share your business with 450 million people!

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