Five Types Of Instagram Reels For Instagram Content Marketing Strategy

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Five Types Of Instagram Reels For The Most Engaging Instagram Content Strategy

Instagram Reels - Social Media's Hottest Trend

Move over TikTok; there’s a new platform in town. Instagram Reels! Technically this new platform has been around since August 2020, long enough for us to observe and give you the scoop on this new tool.   

IG Reels offer a new way to reach a global audience and improve your IG content through 15-30 second videos. Easily enhance your videos using creative tools such as music, AR effects, Timer and Countdown, Align Features, and Adjustable Speed. Share Reels via a feed or stories.

Instagram Reels exist on the IG Explore page, where more than 50% of Instagram users visit monthly. Exposure of your Reel on the Explore page increases brand awareness and leads to new followers, making it an excellent social marketing strategy.

What Type Of Reels Provide the Most Engagement on Instagram? 

Consider these Reel strategies when planning a social media campaign:

1. Educational Videos

People are hungry for knowledge, especially in small doses. Provide interesting facts in your Instagram Reel, such as “3 ways to make your Monday morning better,” etc.

2. Challenges

Challenges offer a fast and fun method to going viral. Instagram Reel challenges drive traffic to your page and increase followers/engagements. 

3. Product Presentation

Create a short and straightforward ad for a product in just 15 seconds. That’s enough time to offer engaging information and pique your audience’s interest to search for more details on your IG page.

4. Behind-The-Scenes Content

Create and connect with new followers by pulling back the curtain and allowing them behind the scenes. Everyone loves real-life stories. Showcasing your staff/family/friends in action improves brand credibility and authenticity.

5. Story-Times

Create a story, divide it into segments, and post intermittently. Despite its simplicity, Story-Times are very popular and attract loyal followers motivated by curiosity about the following story.  

Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, and Sephora all use Instagram Reels to market their products and get up to 7M views on each Reel. This 15-second marketing tool packs a mighty punch while keeping your content fresh and your audience engaged.

Do you want to explore this new arena? Want your business to take advantage of this tool? Contact us, and we can discuss the next step.

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