Hire For Someone's Gifting, NOT Their Title! Smart Hiring Tips

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Hire For Someone's Gifting, Not Their Title! Smart Hiring Tips

Why Should You Adopt The Smart Hiring Approach?

Smart hiring is really picking up nowadays. The traditional scene of someone handing out their resume filled with titles, certifications, and experiences, to a recruiter who will look at it coldly, may be falling behind. With the large offer of trained professionals in the market, but also of unhappy workers who deliver little to organizations, some experts have been arguing that it is better to hire someone passionate about what they do than a person with many titles.

Your Passion Fuels The Energy In Your Work

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, in partnership with Imperative, with data from members around the world, only 37% of workers said they were involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work. According to the study, it is important that people work in an important job for them, for companies and for the world. The research also concludes that connecting people to their purpose has a great impact on business, which is reflected in profitability. This can be achieved by smart hiring

Human beings are emotional by nature. When someone really likes what they do, they naturally try harder and get better. It's a passion that gives people the energy necessary to overcome setbacks, in addition to persistence and dedication to achieve a goal.

In an interview, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he spends up to half his time recruiting talent. And this is a trend among great leaders. Jack Welch, who was president of General Electric and a great business guru, argued that a candidate must have the four “E” and one “P” to be selected by him (energy, energize, edge, execution, and passion). According to Welch, passionate people are dedicated to details, are curious, and are careful about what they do. In an interview, Josh Bersin, founder of consulting agency Bersin, also stated that the experience is very misleading and that the recruiter should look for passion, firmness, and quality.

Why Is Smart Hiring Inevitable For Company's Success?

For recruiting analysts, hiring out of passion is crucial for young and small companies. This is because the first hires must be from passionate people who want to advance their career and professional development. However, the tip applies to businesses of all sizes. This is because, in general, these people have a desire to impact the market in which they operate, seek challenges to improve their performance, and strive to build relationships.

One of the most important tasks of a leader is to assist in the development of other leaders, and this process begins at the moment of selecting new talents. Therefore, when recruiting, ask the right questions. Find out if the candidate understands the company's ethos and can fall in love with it by asking about their personal values, hobbies, past achievements, and what achievements they are proud of. Passionate people are inspired by the organization's culture and driven by the belief that, in the company, they will also be building their life legacy.

Also note their body language and tone of voice, even in a telephone or video interview. In general, people who like what they do sit upright, their eyes shine, and speak with enthusiasm and pride about their achievements outside the world of work.

So, ready to rethink how you recruit talent? At Prosavvy not only me but my entire team is highly passionate about what we do. Passion is a common thread among all of us. For more details, you can contact us here.

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