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How to Successfully Plan Your Marketing

Marketing requires a great deal of planning. Small businesses without massive marketing budgets must handle this difficult task single-handedly. 
Creating a marketing plan makes this task easier. A marketing plan highlights the critical marketing decisions required to achieve your goals. Drafting a marketing plan takes time and work. Answer the questions below to help start your planning.

Who Is Your Target Market?

If you're already selling, take a look at your existing customers. Who are they? What do they like about your products? Try to recall positive feedback you've received from them. Naturally, if your brand resonates with these individuals, it will resonate with others like them.
If you don't already have customers, defining your target market may take a bit more work. Look at companies that offer similar products to yours. Who is buying from them? Who could benefit from your products? Take an extra step and discover important details about your target market through market research. 

What Makes Your Products Unique?

There are bound to be other companies selling goods similar to yours. Determine what makes your product different. Pinpoint why customers would buy from you and not another company. Remember that 'products' actually mean your offering, which includes services as well. The term refers to whatever people buy from you.
If the unique qualities of your products don't come to mind immediately, do some soul searching and look for the strengths of your products. If, in the end, you find that your product resembles everything else on the market, how can you change it to make it unique?

What Do You Want Your Marketing to Achieve?

The 'why' of your marketing is critical. You need to start by identifying what you hope to achieve through your marketing because this will guide all of your efforts and help you choose which tactics best fit your goal.
You're ready to begin your marketing plan once you know your target market, understand your product's unique characteristics and determine your marketing efforts' desired results. 
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