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Identifying Your Business Goals


Before diving into a marketing strategy, you must identify your business goals. Your goals can extend beyond increased revenue – yes, we want that money, honey, but there are other types of goals companies strive to achieve.

 Product Creation

Your business goal may be to create the most innovative products on the market or offer products that make life easier. Product creation is a solid goal as excellent products lead to business success. 

Customer Service

Serving your customers and helping them solve problems could be your number one goal. This goal includes lending help to the community or strengthening your customers’ community. Excellent customer service will never fail you and usually leads to more sales.


Customer Retention

Retaining customers is as vital to your business's success as gaining new customers and increasing revenue. Companies do this by creating a community for their customers and remaining open to their feedback to improve their products or services. 

Growth and Expansion

Maybe your business goal is to grow and expand, eventually moving into new markets and new enterprises. If this is the case, conducting market research to find new areas would be a significant part of your overall strategy


A major goal for your company may be to tighten up your processes. This might include challenging your salespeople to reach a higher sales ratio or streamlining your shipping process to reach your customers more quickly.

 Changing the World

Some companies aim to enable social change. Your goal might be to make the world a better place by using your products and services. This goal is popular among companies that produce environmentally friendly products or work to streamline their operations to become more ecological.

 Don’t limit your goals to only increasing revenue. Take a step back and evaluate which goals make the most sense for your business. 

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