Instagram Keyword Search - Why & How Should You Use It

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Instagram Keyword Search Is The Breath Of Fresh Air We’ve All Been Yearning For

Before Instagram Keyword Search

Why do you need Instagram Keyword Search? Any avid user of Instagram will probably tell you that looking up keywords or key phrases is a real pain. Your search results are typically limited to three categories only:
- Hashtags that have the keywords (or some variation of the word/phrase)
- Profiles with the keywords (or some variation of the word/phrase)
  • Name
  • Username
- Locations with the keyword (or some variation of the word/phrase)
If you look up “baking recipes”, the populated results will be accounts with the name “baking recipes” (or some close variation) in their bio or posts tagged #bakingrecipes.

There’s Potential For Instagram SEO With The Instagram Keyword Search

For the average user, this may have been bearable. However, for, say, a medium-size business owner or someone who wants a little more in-depth research, the Instagram search results would barely scratch the surface – leaving a swath of content unsearchable.

With this new keyword feature that Instagram has rolled out, users will now find it much easier to access a wide range of content. This also means that new doors can be unlocked by business owners – particularly small- to medium-sized companies – looking to bolster their Instagram campaigns and social media presence.

Social media strategists and marketers should be able to quickly understand and optimize according to this new algorithm. More than that, this new feature is expected to pioneer Instagram ranking factors. But let’s hold our horses for a minute; the long-accepted adage in the world of business is that “the customer is always right”. Well, in regard to the new Instagram feature, we may have to wait and see how user behavior is impacted.

How Does The Instagram Keyword Search Work?

The company says that the Instagram keyword search algorithm utilizes advanced machine learning to pull up relevant and high-quality content to the user beyond the traditional hashtag experience. The new algorithm is said to consider a number of factors such as content type, date of the post, captions, and more to populate and rank the search results.

From a strategy standpoint, forward-looking business owners will enlist the services of astute digital media marketing organizations such as ProSavvy to run a few experiments and evaluate their Instagram presence with and without the traditional hashtag approach. Based on the findings, a winning strategy can then be formulated and implemented going forward.

Limitations Of The Instagram Keyword Search

The keyword searches at the moment are limited to general interest topics and keywords. Even though not very many niche topics can be searched, the algorithm is learning and broadening its ability each passing day.

The Instagram keyword search feature is quite new, so it's currently only available in six English-speaking countries (The U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand).


This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to up your Instagram game and outdo your competitors. ProSavvy is more than happy to walk you through various options and help you come up with a strategy to establish a dominating presence on Instagram. A team of professional and experienced social media experts with a track record of results awaits!

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