Pinterest Metrics To Track - Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

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Pinterest Metrics To Track - Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy For 2021

Importance Of Having A Pinterest Marketing Strategy In Place

Why do you need a Pinterest marketing strategy for your account? Creating an account on social networks doesn’t mean just posting content frequently. You need to know how to analyze the performance of this content and how it helps or gets in the way of your marketing and sales strategy.

More than social media, Pinterest is considered a search platform. That is, people do not register to make friends, but to seek ideas and inspiration. And how do you know if your content is inspiring?

For business accounts, Pinterest offers some metrics that can show what’s working and what’s not. Do you want to know which ones should be analyzed more carefully? Then follow our list:

· Impressions And Closeups

Impressions measure the number of times your pins appear in the home page feed, in search results, and in different category feeds. Closeups measure the number of times people have touched your pin to get a closer look. Track these metrics to see what pinners are looking for to amp up your Pinterest marketing strategy. In the “top pins” section, for example, you can track the 50 pins with the best performance (considering impressions, engagements, closeups, link clicks, and saves) in the last 30 days. Likewise, on "top boards", you get to know how pinners are classifying and discovering their content. It's a great way to think about your content strategy and deliver what your audience wants.

· Total Audience

This measures the number of different people who viewed or engaged with your pins. A single person can view multiple pins, which is why the number of impressions is usually greater than the total audience. If both metrics are close, it means that few users have been impacted with more than one pin. However, if the number of impressions is much higher than the total audience, it means that users had contact with more than one pin and were interested in its content. The more times the same user is impacted, the more likely they are to engage with your content. You can use this information to enhance your Pinterest marketing strategy.

· Saves

It measures the number of times a user has saved your pin on one of their panels. When saving a pin, the user is saving the content in their own folders, which shows interest in that subject. In addition, there is the possibility of him interacting with the content again whenever he needs to since the pin will be saved in his profile. In order to create a successful Pinterest strategy, you need to work on these kinds of content.

· Link Clicks

These measure the number of clicks that the pin received and that directed the user to the linked site. By clicking on the pin, the user shows interest in knowing more about its content. This is a good metric to measure your ROI and what’s working on the platform. If you notice that a pin generated a lot of clicks, look at the type of content and phrase that most caught people’s attention in your description and continue using the formats that work for your brand.

· Demographics, Categories, And Interests

The first includes data about your audience's language, gender, and country, and the second is what your audience likes. If you know your audience well, it will be easier to understand what interests them and what kind of content they like to interact with. This way, you can adjust your Pinterest marketing strategy to the best time of the day and create specific promotions. For example, one of the best ways to grow on Pinterest is to give your audience what they want to see, so pay attention to this data.

It is always good to have a game plan in place. A good Pinterest marketing strategy can take your account to great heights. This will let you leverage your account for your business' success. If you don't know where, how, and when to start contact us. We will guide you through your path to Pinterest success.

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