The Benefits of Hiring Women of Color - Diversity & Inclusion

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The Benefits (beyond being fair) of Hiring Women of Color

Here's the tea

When an organization values inclusivity and hires with diversity in mind, they are TWICE as likely to exceed their financial targets, THREE times more productive, SIX times more innovative and better equipped to achieve their goals. Still, women of color hold only 4 percent of top corporate jobs compared to 19 percent of white women. This shows businesses are not unleashing their full potential by hiring women of color.

Inclusion, What's the Big Deal

We learn from a young age that inclusion breeds kind, healthy relationships. We feel good by including others and vice versa. Businesses may overlook the benefits of inclusion in a corporate environment and miss the fact that it leads to outstanding performance resulting in business growth.

According to Deloitte (a global consulting firm), strong business performance is achieved simply through inclusion. A Deloitte study confirmed diverse teams lead to inclusion and when employees feel included, innovation increases by 83 percent.

Focusing on inclusion can transform an organization into a powerhouse. The equation is simple. Inclusion leads to diversity. Diversity brings different perspectives allowing you to reach a larger audience. Varied perspectives increase creativity and creativity generates productivity. BAM!

Why Women of Color

Women of color display leadership qualities such as confidence, ambition, determination, and desire. Research shows that 64 percent of women of color in the United States share the goal of achieving c-suite status compared to only 35 percent of the non-Hispanic white women. According to 80 percent of the black women in the United States aspire to be promoted compared to 75 percent of men and 68 percent of white women.

Women of color add immeasurable value by understanding the need for diversity. Fifty percent of senior-level women of color take a stand for gender and racial equality at work compared to 40 percent of senior-level men. With a focus on diverse cultures and continued support, women of color have the power to elevate organizations to the next level. A company without a strong culture does not make a difference. The financial consequences of losing senior-level women may be significant since research shows that companies who employ both women and diverse cultures are 50 percent more likely to outperform their peers.

Hiring women of color means putting human rights as a core value to your business and making a real impact in the world. Women of color bring a high level of confidence, a strong desire to succeed, and a unique perspective that can benefit companies beyond what they thought was possible.

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