The Future Of Female Entrepreneurship - Trends And Facts

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The Future Of Female Entrepreneurship

Current Situation Of Female Entrepreneurship

Does female entrepreneurship sound like an alien phrase to you? That is because traditionally, entrepreneurship and leading roles seem to be related to men. We are used to bosses being male in most cases, and when they are female, we are impressed. We usually get surprised when confronted with a female boss, and this also includes a positive side, which is the appreciation we give to her because it took her twice the effort compared to a male. Female entrepreneurs may become more numerous and powerful than male entrepreneurs. Can this be called a matriarchy in the field of entrepreneurship? We often hear “the future is female," and this is especially true when it comes to Entrepreneurship.

The Evolution Of Female Entrepreneurship

1. Since 1972, the number of businesses owned by women has been increased by about 3,000%, according to the "2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report".
2. It is becoming increasingly common for women to launch a side hustle in addition to their full-time job; 75% of women have a startup on the side.
3. 56% of executive positions in different companies women are ruling these days.
4. In the US, there are 114% more female entrepreneurship roles than two decades ago, according to Business Insider.

Why Are Women More Successful Entrepreneurs Than Many Years Ago?

1. Women already have full rights in most countries in the world. So their opportunities are equal to those of men.
2. The virtual world has made it possible for women to expose themselves more easily, openly displaying their skills.
3. Quarantine due to coronavirus has had positive consequences in terms of the spread of freelancing work. For women entrepreneurs, this has been a good opportunity to combine both career and family.

Why Do Women Entrepreneurs Have Predispositions To Be More Successful In The Future?

1. The jobs of the future are a good opportunity for women to take leading roles. Women are talented in social interactions due to their nature, and the careers of tomorrow seem to be suitable for them. Social media, digital advertising, online marketing seem to match very well with their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and agility.
2. They are multitasking. Women can do several things at once, both in the life and job sectors, thus becoming more efficient in running a business.
3. Women have a strong social network. Women have more sophisticated communication skills, thus creating a strong social and professional network.
4. Women are perfectionists. If you run a business without noticing the little details, then that business will have deficiencies, and profits will not be satisfactory. Therefore at the top must be the person to detect the defect and prevent it.
5. Women know how to negotiate. Doing what others suggest is simple but not profitable, so negotiating is essential for someone to succeed.
6. Women do not take many risks. Risk is necessary for business, but excessive risk can be overwhelming. Moderate risk and wise management are essential.
Despite the women entrepreneurs are on the rise, they still face different problems due to the terrain created before. But according to data over the years, the trend, their natural abilities, and the new professions on the market, women have an effortless and bright path to entrepreneurship. Are you a woman who is trying to make it big in the female entrepreneurship role? Contact us so we can take the first step towards your success together.

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