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Trust Your Gut, It's Always Right

Decision Making And Your Confidence

I need to talk to you. I need to tell you that YOU ARE RIGHT! Now go with it. When was the last time your gut steered you wrong? Well, that time you're thinking of doesn't count. You weren't really ready, and you didn't think it through.

With experience, grit, and thorough research, you can make a decision and not second-guess doing so. The fear of failing and having an audience while doing it overrides our confidence. Indecisiveness and fear are the real problems. I recently read that in our culture today:


Votes = LOVE.


Being Right = LOVE

Have Unconditional Love And Support For Your Decisions

Isn't that sad? Because if I'm right, you're wrong. If I win, you lose, but furthermore, you're a loser. Unfortunately, our kids mimic this behavior and adopt that same thought and behavior. If you go with your gut and the outcome isn't exactly the way you planned, you're a terrible person? Is that what it's come to now? Love is only given if you win? What if our parents told us we were failures for falling off our bikes or asking to keep the training wheels on a little longer? Or if the first time we saw that big box of water and felt a bit nervous about jumping straight in like the rest of the crazy kids did, and our parents told us we were losers. No. I say, NO! That is entirely dysfunctional thinking, and it comes from a dreaded place of fear

Failures Don't Stop Success, Fear Does

Most of the time, it's not the decision that causes us anxiety rather the fear of what others will think if we fail. SO WHAT if you do. In most severe cases, I get it – gotta listen to your gut if you're a brain surgeon with a scalpel in your hand. But even then, the decision behind cutting into that frontal lobe comes with experience and research.  Whether you call it intuition or gut–instinct - it's about knowing YOU and knowing the situation. You are still the one with the inner knowing and grit to see it through. I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself, and that's on purpose until you hear me. Fear is an illusion - your gut and intuition help guide you for a reason.

Make A Decision, Work Hard And Keep On Trying Till You Succeed

Apply a daily practice to decision making – review the issue from all angles, poke holes in your decision, test it, envision its purpose, and do what is absolutely right for the client and project. Determine the weight of the decision. Are we talking about a lousy sweater choice or car purchase? Envision worst-case scenarios,  potential outcomes, and who they affect. This process improves your decision-making skills. And if you fail, oh well. Like the late great Aaliyah says, "if at first, you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Try again."

Follow this daily practice and confidently make decisions for your business. Mistakes will happen – own them, learn from them but be confident through it all. We're talking a level of confidence to do what you dam well please (backed by the daily practice) and dare anyone to doubt it, including YOU!

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