VA or OBM: Are You Ready To Hire An Online Business Manager?

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VA or OBM: How You Know You're Ready To Hire An Online Business Manager

Confused Between Virtual Assistant And Online Business Manager?

I have seen many people confuse the role of a VA (Virtual Assistant) and an OBM (Online Business Manager). Due to this misunderstanding, sometimes, business leaders hire a VA and expect him to perform the tasks an Online Business Manager should perform and vice versa.

So, if you have been searching for a VA for a while and cannot seem to find what you want, it may be because you need an Online Business Manager, and you do not even know it.

Here Are 3 Main Difference Between A VA And An OBM

1) Implementing and planning

You could say that VAs are the implementers. They take tasks, and they perform them with the help of detailed instructions. If they are uncertain, VAs ask questions to clarify. They focus only on doing their job well and do not concern with other aspects of your business.

On the other hand, an Online Business Manager is not an implementer. They are strategizing, forward-thinking, and big-picture thinkers. An OBM stands at the forefront of a business, side by side with the CEO. They provide an additional perspective on strategy and serves as a buffer between the entrepreneur and the team. As the leader in your business, you should be focusing on the vision, the next step, the creation of new content, and more. It is incredibly challenging to be a good leader and a good manager. Here is where the OBM can help. They can step in as a manager, allowing you to be the leader you need to be.

2) Team Member vs. Team Leader

You hire a VA to get your work done. When you hire an Online Business Manager, you are hiring someone to ensure that everyone gets their job done, and this is another of the key differentiation between VA and OBM roles.

An OBM is not an implementer but manages the implementers. Don't get me wrong. Of course, there are still times when the OBM takes on an implementation task. But their job is to identify how much of a priority that task is, how often this task will come up, and whether or not it is more profitable for your business to grow its team to keep OBM firmly in the management role.

3) Measure business performance vs. works to increase business performance.

You cannot manage a business without interpreting the meaning behind the numbers on the spreadsheet, so Online Business Managers must have knowledge of business foundations and substantial real-world experience. An OBM is on top of business and financial trends and knows how to take a company struggling to survive or grow and develop results-oriented strategies that transform it into a resounding success. They provide the strategy and guide clients along every step of their journey to success; an OBM almost has to know more than its clients to manage their business properly.

Conversely, the VA’s world is very much task-based. It is up to VA to keep up with the cutting-edge tools and programs that help them produce the best and highest quality work for clients. They probably devote a significant amount of time to researching new tools, understanding the concepts behind them, and testing them to see how they can use them effectively on projects.

Still, confused and want an expert opinion on what your business requires at this moment? Contact us here and we will be happy to help you.

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