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What's New On Social Media In January? A Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide for 2021

Latest Social Media Marketing Strategy Guide

A social media marketing strategy guide should continually evolve according to platform changes. Following these platform changes means optimizing your performance and sharing your brand voice across all platforms. Let us narrow down below three social media news stories from this month that you would not want to miss.

LinkedIn Adds Swipe-Up Links To LinkedIn Stories.

You can use it as a social media marketing strategy to link LinkedIn users with your website. After adding stories in September, LinkedIn has now added a new feature. Users can now also add links to their stories.

The new feature allows you to add a 'See more' prompt to your LinkedIn Stories. The new prompt will link to a URL of your choice. It is possible to add a URL via a new 'link' icon in your Stories options at the screen's top right. People who watch your story can then access the link by swiping it up on the screen.

You can add this new option to your social media marketing strategy because it enables you to share your website's link for your products or services.

Facebook Engage Alerts For Groups And Removal Of Our Story

Facebook has started this year with some changes. Review your social media content to raise brand awareness.

Facebook Expands Engagement Alerts for Groups and Adds New Alert Options. It will allow #groupadmins to stay on top of relevant engagement and discussions. If you are using a group for promoting the brand community, you can now use these alerts options to remain relevant and connect easily.

The Our Story section will not be any more on your Facebook page. The feature encourages Page owners to shift the 'Our Story' description to the 'Additional Information' section for more visibility. Since it will have more visibility, it is crucial to add your core brand values in the description as part of the content.

YouTube Adds Voice Commands To Search, Navigate, And Play videos.

Voice search optimization will be a vital task for your future social media marketing strategy.

YouTube is now enabling platform users to use voice search for fast lookup and hands-free navigation commands. Initially, you should grant permission to YouTube to use your microphone. After that, tapping overlays a box at the top of the screen that says "Listening…". This will invite you to speak your query.

These new changes are important alerts that you can use to make crucial changes for your social media content strategy for 2021. To keep your business up to date with the latest social media strategies contact us.

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