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ProSavvy Press ~ When we aren't busy leveling up female entrepreneurs or strategizing a sweet marketing plan, you'll find us encouraging women everywhere!

When you need someone to rock documentation AND implementation, you call Devonée Thaxton. Devonée is the owner of ProSavvy - A Strategic Performance Agency based out of Denver, CO. ProSavvy believes every business needs a different strategy for reaching their goals. Because of this belief, we provide our clients with tailored structures to reach maximum levels of performance. Working with ProSavvy means working with a team that wants you to win just as much as you do. We want to give you peace, relief, and confidence in the direction that you are taking your business. You need time to focus on the growth and exciting new opportunities that come from your own business goals; with ProSavvy, that’s exactly what you receive.


Devonée is a certified Online Business Manager, Social Media maven, and a kickass Implementor who loves working with people who are genuinely passionate about their brands. With over 10 years rocking her craft, she and her company, takes pride in her fine-tuned ability to catapult a business toward its goals. 

Devonée is a Colorado native and dog mom. Most interestingly, she’s never met a margarita she didn’t like.


You can connect with Devonée on the following platforms:


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