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At ProSavvy, we recognize each business is unique and requires
different solutions.

Our multitude of services has got you covered. Need a complete overhaul? No problem! Need a little guidance in one area? We’ve got ya’! Operating on a tight budget? Yep, we can still help. Check out our services!


Overcome business barriers with a powerful marketing strategy. Our strategy sessions included bold visions, detailed action items, and robust metrics to define success. Depending on your needs, we offer  1- hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour sessions. Schedule your strategy session today and allow our team of experts to transform your business. 

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strategies for business development
strategies for business development to grow your business


For those who subscribe to the “set it and forget it” theory! We handle it ALL for you with our implementation packages. From strategy to launch, copywriting to posting, tracking to reporting, you won’t have to lift a finger!

Implementation Packages

Implementation Packages

Online Business Management

This is the secret weapon to scaling your business, increasing revenue, and expanding your reach. OBM (as we say in the biz) far exceeds a virtual assistant. As a certified OBM, consider me your strategic partner who manages day-to-day tasks. Task including creating customized structure and efficient workflows, handling the behind-the-scenes tasks, overseeing project management and team members, brainstorming/planning/launching products, growing the business, and working independently. OBMs create the space you need to be the visionary and CEO you set out to be.

Full-Scale Marketing: The Corretta

Price: $36,000 (6month commitment)

Corretta did it all, and so can we! This package encompasses ALL your marketing needs without you having to manage anything. We become your personalized marketing agency. The process begins with a full-blown strategy session. We create and curate content for your social media accounts and email marketing campaigns. Blog management, launch strategies, Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website, and PR are all included. With the expertise of a certified Online Business Manager, we oversee all project management needs. Our dedicated team of pros (all women, might I add) are ready to transform and electrify your business!

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