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Hey friend, are you feeling uninspired and exhausted from winging it in your business?

No more hair pulling, late night cry sessions with your best friend and complaining to your pet - don't worry, we've got you covered with our VIP Strategy Day! 


You're a creative or coach going through the motions

feeling lost in the sauce and like you're just surviving daily. You've lost touch with the passion for why you started your beautiful business in the first place. 

Yes, your branding is done, your content messaging in place, and you have an audience to market to, BUT you're moving as an Integrator or Conductor when you know you're a Master Manifestor. 

You're nearing burnout, scared of the fallout. You're uninspired, slogging through mundane tasks (that you KNOW you shouldn't be doing.) 

Does this sound familiar?
You need to be reconnected to your short-term and long-term goals and create a roadmap to get you out of surviving and into T H R I V I N G.
You are ready to stop trying to ‘do it all’, and are serious about creating organized systems that will allow you time to rest, by working with strategies, not chaos.
You’re ready to scale your business, create inspired offerings, and grow your to team get you out of day-to-day tasks - putting you back into CEO mode.
Does this sound familiar?
Something true about their current situation that they would like to change.
Something true about their current situation that they would like to change.
Something true about their current situation that they would like to change.

You start a beautiful business to help people, create a life by your design and then quickly find yourself screaming to the heavens in frustration - "How the Hell did I get here?!"

“I know this amazing idea will help people, but I am getting in my own way. I know I need help but can't even figure out where to start. I want to be the badass I know I am, but too scared and lost to take the first step.”

Denver Strategy Consulting Firm

Dream with me for a second...


Working more hours than the corporate job you escaped from to be your own boss



To reclaiming energy, time, and personal freedom you never thought possible.



Being the marketing guru, client services rep, SEO wizard, social media maven, sales consultant, and content generator 


To confidently staying in your zone of genius, and delegate those other tasks to skilled team members excited to do the work that they are meant to do.


Choice roulette and managing your business on a whim


To having a powerful strategy and logical system in place that lets you create, thrive, and feel more passionate again. 



VIP Strategy Day!

  • A private 45-minute pre-session call with my Denver based strategy consulting firm to align the specific agenda, outcomes, and focus areas to make the most of your day
  • A full 6-hour day of my and my teams undivided attention focused on you and your business
  • A recording of your VIP Strategy Day, full transcripts, and notes are available for download within 48 hours 
  • A 30-minute check-in session that you can schedule up to 30 days after our session to answer any questions and keep things moving forward
"We left our strategy session with a better sense of where we are heading, and confidence that we had identified the processes that would help us get there. "

I am a full-time professor and the founder of a company that focuses on sustainable wellness and performance. I reached out to Devonee because of her expertise as an OBM, but also because I sensed that she was well-suited for my personal mission of ensuring we deliver our work in a way that does not compromise the wellbeing of our team. I needed to take a good look at how we had been running our business to date, and identify any changes we needed to make moving forward.  Prior to our strategy session, we had an opportunity to document the current state of our business. During our strategy session, Devonee listened and reflected back to ensure we understood the impact of our current approach, and helped identify areas that needed to be brought into alignment with our values.  As we took an honest look at our processes, we were able to identify priority areas for action to help tighten up the backend of our business, with aim of reducing my hours and better focusing my attention on delivering services. As we discussed the ins and outs of our offerings we were considering, it became easier to differentiate short versus long term priorities based on fit. We left our strategy session with a better sense of where we are heading, and confidence that we had identified the processes that would help us get there. 


– Dr. Portia Jackson - Preston
Empowered to Exhale, CEO & Founder

VIP Strategy Day Outline
Operations Review

To provide the best possible service, our business marketing management team in Denver must take a complete picture of your business. This includes gathering information from key areas about what success looks like for you and how we can work together towards achieving these goals! The Operations Review should give the key areas of your company an in-depth look. This will allow us to get started on supporting both you and your employees by giving them a better understanding of where everything fits into place and providing some guidance for improvement opportunities ahead!

System Assessments Audit

The systems assessment is a deep dive into the back-end of your business. When was the last time you wrote down backup procedures, organized all your passwords, and solidified team expectations and task ownership? During this time, our Denver business marketing management experts will flesh out: 

  • Administration - Company info, backup procedures, password management
  • Finances -  Payment collections, accounts payable, money management, metrics, tax, and financial planning 
  • Team Management - Team structure, hiring, team management offboarding
  • Communication & Day-to-Day Management - Planning, project management, online presence, internal communication, customer service, SOPs
  • Marketing -  Marketing plan, Distribution channels/platforms, launches
  • Sales - Offers and services, pricing, nurture sequences 
  • Delivery Systems - How are products delivered, onboarding, client communication, client content
Annual & 90 Day Plans

Annual & 90 Day Plan is where we get to build a plan for you. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel, and how will you get there? This is the perfect time to align with your business and identify what you need to get there. We organize this by:

  • Income
  • Product offering
  • Time / Freedom
  • Team
  • Systems 
  • Impact
Idea Incubator

It's time to get serious about your dreams and desires!

  • What is something you've always wanted in the back of your mind?
  • What have you always wanted but didn't think was possible?
  • What offers have been nagging at all hours but never had any chance until now?

We will wrap up your VIP Strategy Day session by brainstorming together on how we can make those ideas a reality. This session with our business marketing management team in Denver will help with planning and execution so we don't leave anything on the table.

You're not dreaming anymore. It is time you make that dream a reality!



5 Day Challenge Work Book: 5 Reasons You're Not Selling More of Your Service

THE BIG PICTURE: You’re offering a valuable service that helps your clients save time, money, or headache. Your sales and marketing goal is to demonstrate this to potential clients. 

What if you’ve done everything you need and still have not seen the revenue you should be? If this is the case, it’s probably because you’re not making your services easy enough to buy. 

Presenting your services to potential clients greatly impacts how much you sell. In this report, you’ll discover the 5 reasons you’re not selling more of your services and how to overcome these, so you start getting the business you deserve.  Ready to get started? Here are 5 reasons you’re not selling more of your services:

  1.   You’re Giving Your Client Too Many Options
  2.   You’re Not Giving Your Clients Enough Options
  3.   You’re Focusing Too Much on Price
  4.   You’re Not Meeting the Most Common Needs
  5.   It’s Too Difficult for Your Client to Choose

(Value = $47)

Powered Up Process Coursebook & Action Guide

Too many businesses get stuck in the trap of overcomplicating things. They add too many steps, involve too many people, and include way more options than is necessary for success - leading to wastefulness on their part and frustrating customers who don't know what they're doing (or why it's taking so long). The result? Inefficient practices which account for ALL these problems: Excess costs with no end product; wasted time due simply because there are alternatives at hand but not utilized. 

But all of this is avoidable!  

Take a look at anything in your business that you do over and over, and you'll find a process that can be improved by:  

  • Cutting out steps 
  • Including only the essential people  
  • Setting clear guidelines  
  • Automating tasks 
  • Outsourcing elements  

With our course on Powered Up Processes, you can hone in on ways to simplify and streamline the high-impact activities in your business.

(Value = $227)

Two Easy Payments Of
$2,000 USD
One Easy Payment Of
$3,500 USD

Hi, I'm Devonée.

When you need someone to rock documentation AND implementation; I'm your girl. I'm the owner of ProSavvy - A Strategic Performance Agency based out of Denver, CO. ProSavvy believes every business needs a different strategy for reaching its goals. Because of this belief, we provide our clients with tailored structures to reach maximum performance levels. Working with ProSavvy means working with a team that wants you to win just as much as you do. We want to give you peace, relief, and confidence in the direction that you are taking your business. You need time to focus on the growth and exciting new opportunities that come from your business goals; with ProSavvy, that’s exactly what you receive.

I'm a certified Online Business Manager, Social Media maven, and a kickass Implementor who loves working with genuinely passionate people about their brands. With over 10 years of rocking my craft, my company and I take pride in our fine-tuned ability to catapult a business toward its goals. 

I am a Colorado native, reading feen, and most interestingly, I've never met a margarita I didn’t like. I'm so excited to meet you!

Is VIP Strategy Day for You?
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
Is Course Name for You?
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.
An instant identity and something they would like to achieve so they know it’s a perfect fit.

I see YOU, and I recognize each business is unique and requires different solutions. 

Your VIP Strategy Session is a forward-moving step towards creating the space you desperately know you need to be the powerful and inspired CEO that you are.

Being unorganized isn’t a failure but a call to action.
Feeling exhausted isn't a state of being but an opportunity to reclaim your independence.

I want you to wake up every day excited about the work you're doing and how you're changing the world because, you, my friend, are magic!

Say no to the endless to-do lists, emotionally charged decision making and money-wasting tactics.

At YOUR VIP Strategy Session, I take the heartbeat of your business and weave it into everyday opportunities to create alignment, ease, and rest within you and your business. 

This is not a one size fits all session. This is a personally curated moment in time to create an entire roadmap for you, your short-term & long-term goals, and see and recognize the pain points you’re struggling with and powerful and bold ways to course correct, NOW!

If you’ve nodded your head even once while reading this, this is my invitation to you; take the first step right now in turning off surviving mode and turning on thriving mode! 

I see your power and potential, and I know the version of you who started this business does too. 

Our last question is; do you? 

Have a question about Your VIP Day?

Have a different question? Send us an email at [email protected] to talk to our team!